The Leadership, Equity And Diversity (LEAD) Lab

The LEAD lab is a growing Industrial and Organizational Psychology lab that is located in the Psychology Department at LSU.

Led by Dr. Vanessa Burke, an I/O Psychologist who joined the Psychology department in 2022, the lab applies interdisciplinary theory and cutting-edge methodology to study diversity, gender, leadership, and power in organizations.

The lab consists of graduate and undergraduate students at LSU who are conducting research investigating employee experiences with formal and informal sources of power. For example, we explore how sexism, racism, and ageism manifest in organizations with consequences for employee access to career opportunities and wellbeing. We also aim to identify ways organizations can create more equitable workplaces based on our findings. 

Although primarily a research laboratory, we also enjoy opportunities to apply research-based tools and evidence to solve real-world problems by partnering with local businesses and institutions. If you are interested in how we can work with your employees, teams, organizations, and communities to improve leadership or promote sustainable and effective diversity management practices, please visit the "Contact Us" page.

Lab Announcements

Congratulations Dr. Sydney Green on earning your Ph.D. in I/O Psychology in December 2023!

Congratulations to Sydney Roux on successfully proposing her thesis in December 2023!


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